Hillplace Bunty †

Hillplace Bunty by Hillplace Iron Man out of Hillplace Golly
Hillplace Lay Lady Lay †

Daughter of CH Hillplace Iron Lady & Edition of Luxe Kepi Blanc.
Hillplace Busy Bee 28/7/1998 - 7/1/09 †

Igwigg or Esme as she was known we had high hope for her from the moment she was born.   A born show dog she was one of the best to handle she knew she was one of the best.   This little girl was nearly always in the top 3 in very good company and even managed to win a CC & RCC and then the little poppet put herself on a diet! And that was the end of her show career.  

Esme had 3 litters in her life the first she self whelped 7 of them, 9 days early they were all dead a terrible shock for all and Esme was terribly ill. Esme then went on to have two more litters one of the pups was Hillplace Light my fire BIS winner sire of Hillplace Captain Scarlet RCC.  

As er the decision was made that she would live with Ralph`s Mum I sadly handed her over, she flourished being hand fed steak everyday and got back in her show condition and then got too fat so was always on a diet.   Very sound never had a days lameness at 10 1/2 she became unwell we brought her back to see our vet. Ralph brought her into the house she walked across the floor, I said that dog is not at deaths door ( as feared ) with that she turned and died in our arms.   Well it has taken 11 months to be able to write this. The sweetest little girl ever.
Hillplace Lulu †

Our dear poor Lulu, she was Ironbrew's litter sister, she was very badly affected with parvo virus ( this was brought into the kennel by a pup that was returned ).   Our poor Lulu did not eat for six days she so near to death, we were told to try to get her to eat chicken or fish in the end it was a pepperami stick that done the job and saved her.  

She was ruined for showing but done us proud in the whelping box. Her first litter was by Britishpride Power n`Glory a litter of five three making it in to the show ring Hillplace Busy Bee 1cc & `rcc , Hillplace Lavender a good winning bitch and Hillplace Musketeer Crufts qualified and a good sire.   Lulu`s second litter were by Quintic Tango we kept two bitches back Hillplace Jelly Bean and Hillplace Heidi both important bitches in the breeding of our current show dogs.   After her last litter, her health started to fail , she was sick so much that we were unable to have her in the house she had operations to try and help her but to no avail.  

Lulu then got a bony growth ( cancer ) on her shoulder that grew and grew there was nothing else we could do for her. We so wanted to give her a happy retirement in the house and that she deserved so much , but at the age of just seven she had to be put to sleep .


Hillplace Eloise 27/10/03 - 9/7/11 †

Our dearest little house dog lost her battle with cancer ,on borrowed time for the last 3 years she done well and lived a very pleasant charmed life.  

We were so shocked and upset when suddenly she started to loose her battle she is buried in our paddock with all the other Hillplace girls and boys that have gone before her in the last 21 years.  
Our dear little Eloise never forgotten.  

Oh so special in our hearts, loved everyone


Midline Nobleman at Belire  †

Our dear Charlie Chop sticks came into our life when he was 18 months old.   Our friend Pat had heard he was for sale, he was a very good dog and so Pat took him on. When he arrived with Pat he was extremely stressed and so bad that he was rushed to the vets . The vets could find nothing wrong with him and felt it was all in his mind.   We took Charlie to become our new stud dog. He was a strange lad all of his life he refused to come into the house, he would peep in but not pass the threshold.  

He would not allow you to use a broom or be told off when he tried to breakout, he would get very angry, we never knew what had happened to him when he was young, and could only assume he must of been pushed very badly to make him behave like that.   When he had one of his moments we would leave him and then return minutes later to find him so upset he really tried to make it up to you. Charlie could not travel by car he got too stressed and towards the end of his life when the vet needed to see him, the vet had to come to him.  
He gave us many fine pups all having his lovely large clear eyes his breeding is behind all of our dogs.   Charlie looked after his harem of girls very well and lived until he was ten and a half and died in my arms of a heart attack one very hot humid afternoon.  
He was dearly loved and greatly respected .


Hillplace Ironbrew 27/11/98   -   16/9/07 †

A very strong impressive brindle dog, by CH Medbull Goldust over Kelloe out of our Hillplace Lola, self whelped.   The mum of this litter Lola, was very ill and had no milk to start with so one of our other bulldogs Molly who also had an older litter took them over, until Lola was better. This proved to be a big mistake as the pups did not get the colostrum they needed to help them fight disease.   Ten weeks later these pups went down with parvo virus, Brew was hardly affected but his sister Drizzle died and the other sister Lulu very nearly died as well.   A show boy right from the start he liked nothing more than an audience ,he would strut his stuff to everyone. A very good show dog he done us proud.   As a dearly loved pet he was boss of all around him , he had his harem of girls to look after and God help anyone that upset them (Peter Whittle still has the scars!).  

A chicken killer this boy was, even in his old age.   Brew was once used to produce a photo for an exhibition in London , we had to travel by train to Kings cross to have the picture done ,all went well but the journey home in rush hour was hell and once on the very busy train Brew put his slobby chops on a business man knee and then for all the rest of the journey he farted for England!.   Brew also had his picture used on the Graham Norton show. His grandchildren include Ch Hillplace Iron Lady , Quintic Bear with Me ,Hillplace Iron Oxide and greatgrandchildren Hillplace Golly , Hillplace Voodoo Dolly , Hillplace Delilah, Hillplace Carbon Copy, everyone of them carrying his brindle colour.  

At the age of 10 Brew had a heart attack, he made a good recovery, but it was decided he should come and live in the house, he took to this like a duck to water.   As Brew so loved showing we asked our vet if he thought Brew would be able to go to Crufts for one last time , he was given a clean bill of health at 10 years 4 months. We were very careful at Crufts I took Brew into the ring on the big green carpet for his last time , he loved it and strutted his stuff and won the class and came out with his red Crufts rosette. He loved his day being the centre of attention ,that night when we got home he sat with his head on my knee his eyes so full of sparkle and fun , what a day he had. Two months short of his 11 birthday aches and pain got too much for him and very sadly he made his last journey.